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Aerial Bovines

OK, let's dispense with the negatives right away. If you're planning on making a visit to the Flying Cow Ranch Nature Farm (http://www.flyingcowranch.com.tw/en/) in T'unghsiao (Tsūshō) 通霄, Miaoli (Byōritsu) County 苗栗県, be sure to eat something before you arrive. The food at the leisure farm is overpriced, or as my wife put it, we paid high-class prices in return for low-class service. Otherwise, the Flying Cow Ranch is a great place to spend an afternoon at, especially (but only?) if you have children. Amber really enjoyed the opportunities to interact up close with (read "feeding") many different kinds of animals:

I was especially pleased and proud to see my daughter overcoming her fear of getting bitten (after what happened to her at the horse ranch in Houli [Kōri] 后里), and enjoy her first ride on a pony:

Probably the best thing about the Flying Cow Ranch is that it provides kids in heavily urbanized Taiwan a rare chance to enjoy open, grassy spaces. Which begs the question: why is my child growing up in central Taiwan and not in the New England countryside?:

Some of Amber's photos can be seen on her blog: http://princessnami.livejournal.com/

Sunset in what passes for the countryside in Taiwan; in this case, the town of Yuanli (Enri) 苑裡 in Miaoli County. If you're hungry and passing through this area, just keep driving: some of the most blandest tasting food in some of the filthiest restaurants I've ever encountered on the Beautiful Island.
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