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Cannibalistic Cows of Taichung

Of the many things that leave me scratching my head about both Japan and Taiwan, few are as perplexing as the this scene I came across today in T'aichung (Taichū) 台中:

In front of a steak restaurant is this sculpture of a cow digging into a slab of...one of his own kind. I find the implications profoundly disturbing, yet in this part of the world, restaurants often display images (usually cartoons) of animals enjoying the taste of their own as a come-on for potential diners. Why? Does the sight of a pig licking its lips in anticipation of eating some pork suggest the food is so good it drives animals into engaging in cannibalism? It's almost enough to make one swear off meat forever, but I'm sure that somewhere out there is a vegetarian restaurant with a billboard showing a head of lettuce with fork in hand, getting ready to gleefully dig into a bowl of fresh, green salad.

A few other images seen this afternoon in T'aichung:

(L) "The Story of Clothing" - "My Style, My Smile"; (R) The appropriately pink sign promotes quality "adult business" products (nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more), for as we know, it isn't only automobiles and electronics that the Japanese excel at producing.

This large sign above a conveyor-belt sushi restaurant 回転寿司 is attempting to emphasize how the low cost of NT30 ($1/¥80) per plate is having an impact on prices 衝撃プライス. Problem is, instead of writing the word "price" completely in katakana 片仮名, the sign writer apparently mistook the hiragana 平仮名 characters づ and う for the katakana プ and ラ. The result is づうイス, or "zuuisu". English isn't only the foreign language to go through such contortions here in Taiwan.

Amber salutes the great taste of Calpis Soda カルピスソーダ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calpis following the end of her swimming lesson.

Speaking of my daughter, here is she is having fun with the colorful lights embedded in the pavement outside the T'aichung County 台中県 Assembly building. What will happen to this body after the December merger of city and county is a mystery (to me, anyway):

This entry can also be read here: http://kaminoge.wordpress.com/2010/10/10/cannibalistic-cows-of-taichung/


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Oct. 10th, 2010 04:32 am (UTC)

somebody sent me this today

do u know Garvey or knew him?

The Taisiderata

- purportedly a message found in a PET bottle wafting down the elevator shaft of Taipei 101 and currently going viral via email chat lists worldwide. Pass it around
by ''userid: expatnonymous''

Go placidly amid the night markets and the cram schools and remember
what peace there may be in pearl milk tea.

As far as possible, be on
good terms with your neighbors, even if they threaten to take you to
court for cussing them out in the lobby that day.

Surround yourself
with that which is pleasant on Isla Formosa, and don't let the dengue
fever mosquitoes bite you.

Always plan on good sunny weather, but don't
forget to carry a fold-up umbrella in your backpack, just in case.

pure and clean 24/7, take a shower in the morning or night, whichever
time frame pleases you, and drink only that which comes in a bottle.
In other words: don't drink the tap water!

Taste of the cho dofu, the frog legs and the slimy snails, and learn
to use your chopsticks with aplomb.

Watch your New Taiwan Dollars
appreciate or fall flat on their faces, and think of the all the money
you have earned (and hopefully, saved) during your time here. When
it's time to return home, you will know it. Until then, enjoy, enjoy,

Beef noodles? Go for it? Oyster omletters? Do it. The Mazu Pilgrimmage
from Taichung to Hsinkang? Go on it.

As for Kenting, make a beeline for that southern mecca whenever you
can, because as you know, you only live once and Taiwan is your chance
of a lifetime. Sure, there's Lukang and Guifen and Green Island and Peitou's famous hot springs
(with ''special services'' provided), but you've got to make your own
itinerary for the island and then stick to it.

Are you counting the days till you go home? Then you're in the wrong place.

Take the ferry from Keeling, fly out to Orchid Island or a book a seat
on the narrow-guage train to Alishan (when it re-opens!) and never say
there's nothing
to write home about on this never-out-of-surprises subtropical island.

Betel nut beauties got you excited? Snap some photos surreptitiously with your
cellphone camera, but watch
out for gangster interference in case you get too close. You've been warned.

Find work as a buxiban teacher, an expat businessman or a Ph.D.
professor, and don't forget to file your income taxes on the
appointed day.

Even if you are a dunce, do your best to learn some Chinese while
you're here, and it wouldn't hurt to pick up some Hakka and Hoklo, too.

As for the Aborigines who were here first, get to know them as the wonderful people they are
and treat them as your brothers and sisters. They are the real
Formosans, from 10,000 years ago and more.
And they have stories to tell, stories to tell. Beheadings? Believe it.

As for the Japanese Colonial Period (1895 to 1945), for better or
worse, they came, they went, they conquered. Can you say "chotto
matte"? Or "kukei" or massaji"?

Just don't ask the ''comfort women'' what they know. It wasn't all fun and games
in those days.

Far away, but too close, there are the Chicoms, as you know, and they
got 1200 missiles aimed right at Taipei and Taichung. Ignore the
bastards, if you can, for surely they are on the wrong side of history and someday they will
see their empire collapse.

Remember this always, all ye who toil here:
Taiwan is a free, democratic, soverign nation, and that's why the
politicians can stage knock-em-down fights on TV and get away with it.

This is Taiwan. You lived it. [Congratulations?]


Purportedly a message found in a PET bottle wafting down the elevator shaft
of Taipei 101

COPYRIGHT (c) 2008 - by ''expatnonymous'' [now safely back in San Diego from whence he came]

Says his name is Steve Garvey..... anybody know him?
Oct. 10th, 2010 07:29 am (UTC)
Re: taisiderata
Baseball player, played for the Los Angeles Dodgers from 1969-1982, and the San Diego Padres 1983-1987. Also played bass in the Buzzcocks.
Oct. 10th, 2010 04:37 am (UTC)
humor or humour

"Speaking of my daughter, here is she is having fun with the colorful lights embedded in the pavement outside the Taichung County Assembly building. .."

GREAT SHOT. you know those lights, they are all over Taiwan now in public places, city parks, etc, and for some reason that I cannot fathom, can you? KIDS love to walk over to the lights which are embedded in the concrete and step on them! and blot out the light with their shoes. it happens every time! and all kids seem to know this as soon as they get out of the car and see the lights and run over to them. How do they all know this? is it part of DNA of kids worldwide, blot out all lights everyhwere? ask you daughter. she can explain this phenom maybe. My kids do the same. they cannot explain to me why. they just say BECAUSE it's fun! but i think there's more......AS for the cow cooking cow meat, that's just Asian humor, get over it, you depressive unhumourous sad sack you. KIDDING, i i love yr blog. but it is just humour. i love it. why is it so hard for you to smile?
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