kaminoge (kaminoge) wrote,

Cannibalistic Cows of Taichung

Of the many things that leave me scratching my head about both Japan and Taiwan, few are as perplexing as the this scene I came across today in T'aichung (Taichū) 台中:

In front of a steak restaurant is this sculpture of a cow digging into a slab of...one of his own kind. I find the implications profoundly disturbing, yet in this part of the world, restaurants often display images (usually cartoons) of animals enjoying the taste of their own as a come-on for potential diners. Why? Does the sight of a pig licking its lips in anticipation of eating some pork suggest the food is so good it drives animals into engaging in cannibalism? It's almost enough to make one swear off meat forever, but I'm sure that somewhere out there is a vegetarian restaurant with a billboard showing a head of lettuce with fork in hand, getting ready to gleefully dig into a bowl of fresh, green salad.

A few other images seen this afternoon in T'aichung:

(L) "The Story of Clothing" - "My Style, My Smile"; (R) The appropriately pink sign promotes quality "adult business" products (nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more), for as we know, it isn't only automobiles and electronics that the Japanese excel at producing.

This large sign above a conveyor-belt sushi restaurant 回転寿司 is attempting to emphasize how the low cost of NT30 ($1/¥80) per plate is having an impact on prices 衝撃プライス. Problem is, instead of writing the word "price" completely in katakana 片仮名, the sign writer apparently mistook the hiragana 平仮名 characters づ and う for the katakana プ and ラ. The result is づうイス, or "zuuisu". English isn't only the foreign language to go through such contortions here in Taiwan.

Amber salutes the great taste of Calpis Soda カルピスソーダ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calpis following the end of her swimming lesson.

Speaking of my daughter, here is she is having fun with the colorful lights embedded in the pavement outside the T'aichung County 台中県 Assembly building. What will happen to this body after the December merger of city and county is a mystery (to me, anyway):

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