kaminoge (kaminoge) wrote,

Thursday Morning 木曜日の朝

Scenes from my walk this morning.今朝の散歩の写真

In the area of Chung-cheng Park 中正公園 are some ruins. Ruins of what I'm not sure - maybe an activity center, or a school of some sort (as my wife thinks). Whatever it was, it appears to have been damaged in the September 21, 1999 Chi Chi (Jiji) Earthquake 集集大地震 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chi-Chi_earthquake, and subsequently abandoned. The area is blocked off to prevent entry (though it wasn't difficult to hop over a railing to get in), but somebody goes inside because there's a Taoist temple/shrine on the grounds that is well-maintained.
"Fute Chengshen (Fude Jhengshen)" 福徳正神, the local god in these parts

On my way home I passed by this sign, in front of an apartment building on a narrow side street in Fengyuan. It appears to have been put up by someone who obviously doesn't believe in the Republic of China. "Furuton" is actually "Hulutun (Huludun)", the old name for Fengyuan (Fongyuan とよはら 豊原). Wishful thinking?

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